Dr. Fred Potter, Amanda and Beth attended Mission Possible in Houston as a 'refresher' - it's always great to spend one-on-one time with friends of the Brady Group!

Our August 2014 Mission Possible in Houston was a great success!

Here's what you missed...

Dr. Brady and Amy were both helpful and reassuring to get us back on track.  I loved that it easy to speak out, have questions answered, and gather information from other practices.  Clarifying concepts and walking through them as a group was great.  Loved the Q&A with the hotseats - great exercise. 

I loved the fact that we were able to talk with other offices, Dr. Brady and Amy about concerns we had in our offices and walk away with solutions.  I also enjoyed listening to the positives that everyone shared about their teams!  It feels more like family than co-workers.  Thank you Dr. Brady, Amy and Riverview Dental Care for this opportunity!

I liked the airport hotel - easy for travelers, convenient, and great service.  The roleplay with Amy and conversations during breaks were great.  Good all-around refresher course with principles and details.  Nuggets - it's dr's job to verify ownership of the patient before the fee is quoted; also dr's job to take initiative to thank the team.  Good to see other people asking the questions I used to ask. 

I really loved this week.  I always learn so much, like how to word things differently, and taking things to heart.  I really enjoyed talking to the other offices that do the same thing as I and realizing that I am not the only one - this made me feel confident about myself.  Going over things again really helps the learning process.  What the Brady Group is doing is truly remarkable!  Thank you.

Roleplaying in groups was helpful.  It was nice to talk with other assistants to hear how they do things in their offices.  I love the small group meetings.  I feel more comfortable asking questions.  I also learned more words NOT to say, which was awesome.  It has opened up communication with my doctor that we would not have had without your help.  

I like always learning something new when we attend Mission Possible, or that something I have already heard finally sinks in.  Learning more about asking open-ended questions was helpful in getting patients to talk and let us know what they really want.

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December 3-5

Las Vegas, NV

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Our August Contest -

The first team to send Amy a video of the entire patient flow process (interview, hygiene role and doctor role in first appointment, assistant and doctor role planning appointment and financial arrangements with ALL handoffs), wins the prize!!

This must be a 'new' video, not one that you recorded back in 2004!

Our July Winners, All Seasons Dental in Boise, Idaho, enjoying their prize!  A huge box of See's Candies!

If you're doing things the same way you were six months ago, you're behind!  - Chris Brady

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December 3-5
Las Vegas, NV

This isn’t just an event - it’s an experience!  It’s learning your AHA! moments.  It’s an opportunity to create a high-performance practice and personal you.  Dr. Chris Brady and his team of Master Coaches will give you a perspective that would take years to learn in school or read in books, but only 3 days at Mission: Possible to acquire.  Join Chris Brady, nationally acclaimed Rich Dentist Coach & King of Case Acceptance, and your patients will literally ask you to do treatment.

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