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Hey Amy!

Just wanted to share some of our “whats going well” this week. We had one of our new patients come in today and prepay for all of his treatment. Kudos to Dr. Cox and our team. Planning appointments really work!

Amber - Cox and Bond Dental
Temple, Texas
 Dear Amy,

    Thanks for a marvelous session today. You left us on a high but with a lot of work to now do.

    Listening to you speak today is based so much on what we already know and is much easier to put into practice because we now  have a deeper  appreciation of what it’s all about and what we are trying to achieve. Revision is a fundamental concept in learning.

    Tomorrow morning we will spend time looking at the  ideal day and planning our  schedule accordingly. I feel liberated in knowing that I have a chance now to make things happen with a good team.

    Your enthusiasm is infectious.
    Dr Gerald B. Kaplan,  Johannesburg, South Africa

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Speaker line up sneak peek -

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Shares his perspective of holistic, cosmetic-quality restorative dentistry using biocompatible materials

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Mitch Workman
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Scott Andrews
If Scott can help Air Force cadets to communicate effectively, surely he can help us! 


December 2-4, 2015
Las Vegas

This isn’t just an event - it’s an experience!  It’s learning your AHA! moments.  It’s an opportunity to create a high-performance practice and personal you.  Dr. Chris Brady and his team of Master Coaches will give you a perspective that would take years to learn in school or read in books, but only 3 days at Mission: Possible to acquire.  Join Chris Brady, nationally acclaimed Rich Dentist Coach & King of Case Acceptance, and your patients will literally ask you to do treatment.

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